Confessions of a Flower Floozie #1

My name is Rebecca and I am a Flower Floozie.

Being a flower Floozie doesn’t mean I love or even like all plants. I have definite dislikes and many true loves of particular plants. Other plants are just okay, but I think I’m getting ahead of myself as the prior thoughts could be another confession I’ll address later.

I need to stick to my first confession of being a Flower Floozie. I’ve met dozens of Flower Floozies. You know who you are. You buy a six pack on your way home from work and it isn’t beer, it’s petunias and because of that purchase, you don’t have enough money for that loaf of bread you were asked to pick up before you got home.

Or, you obsess over a Black-eyed Susan you spotted in your neighbor’s front yard and you can’t stop thinking about it until you possess one of your own, but you can’t find one because we’re all sold out. No problem, you think to yourself. Pretty soon the rudbeckias will go to sleep for the winter and then you’ll have your chance to sneak over with your trowel and dig one up from that neighbor. Or, you could knock on your neighbor’s door with an offering of your own: an Echinacea or a daisy and see if she’ll make a trade.

Flower Floozies will go to extremes to get the one or two or three dozen plants they can’t possibly live without but usually we try not to break the law.

Confession #1: I am Flower Floozie.

So, if you already are a Flower Floozie or want to become a flower Floozie or just want to understand why someone you care about can’t stop planting perennials long enough to get a drink of water, join me on my inner journey – where I unbury my deepest confessions for the world to see… or maybe just the ones I can print for the public.

By the way…the Plant Barn will be having a division swap in November. Similar to a seed swap but easier to see what you’re trading.

“The way to avoid housework is to live outside.” -Sandra Blacksmith, 1900